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Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Berry White (Smooth)

A collection of berries and a touch of cream

Berry White has quickly become one of our most beloved flavors. A complex arrangement of four different berries combined with a couple of savory creams make this the perfect vape for any season.

Midtown eLiquid Cobblestone Blues

Cobblestone Blues

A decadent peach-berry cobbler vape

Cobblestone Blues is a decadent peach-berry cobbler vape that is as unique as it is exquisitely delicious. A tangy yet sweet peach and blueberry combination offer an impeccable blend atop traditional cobbler notes, resulting in a flavor that continuously appeals to both fruit and savory enthusiasts alike.

Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Blueberry Belgian Waffle

As close as you can get to vaping it

Blueberry Belgian Waffle is a perfect hybrid between a fruity vape and a desert vape. Fans have called this "the best blueberry flavor they've ever tried" and we have to agree. It's pretty damn good.

Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Strawberry Shinigami

A unique Italian strawberry cheesecake vape

Strawberry Shinigami is our most complex, savory flavor offering. It's very similar to traditional Italian ricotta cheesecake in that it's light and creamy, with more substance and texture than your average strawberry cheesecake vape. This eliquid flavor has quickly become a fan favorite since being introduced late last year.

Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Black Forest

Black currant, citrus flavors galore, and cream

Black Forest is a delicious blend of black currant, citrus flavors, and Bavarian inspired creams that form to combine a sweet, complex, and alluring blend you don’t often find in other eLiquids. Black Forest will appeal to anyone looking for a sweet, tangy, citrus and cream style vape.

Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Goat Rodeo

A superb mango/orange vape perfectly balanced with vanilla cream

A light, fruity vape with notes of mango, orange, vanilla cream, and other tropical notes, Goat Rodeo has become a favorite all day vape for many of our fans. Perfectly balanced so as not to be too sweet or overly creamy, it's easily one of our favorites as well.

Midtown eLiquid Berry White Flavor

Raspberry Chupacabra

Raspberry New York Cheesecake flavor at its finest

A complex savory/bakery recipe that includes raspberry and a couple of other fruits, notes of New York cheesecake, as well as a few added finishing touches make this a dessert vape worth indulging in.

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